We Are The Question Today

CLEMENT BEHRENDT KJERSGAARD (born 1975) is the founder and editor-in-chief of TQT. Bilingual IB from the United World College of Hong Kong (1992-1994), MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford (1994-1997) and BA from the University of Copenhagen (1998-2003). Since 2004 he has been a broadcaster with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, where he has anchored no less than 11 television shows. In 2002 he founded the Danish magazine on current affairs RÆSON which he still publishes – both online and (since 2007) in print. He has interviewed among many others John McCain, Francis Fukuyama, Richard Perle, Fareed Zakaria, Nouriel Roubini, James Fallows, Harold Bloom, Desmond Tutu, David Miliband and Madeleine Albright. In 2011 he was named the most powerful journalist in Denmark by the journalists’ magazine, Journalisten; he has won three Danish TV-Awards and two major Danish awards for journalism: Publicistprisen (2011) and in january 2013 Berlingskes Journalistpris (2013). clement@raeson.dk

DAVID JANO has a Masters Degree in Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Southern Denmark. His articles on the Middle East and Israel have appeared in such publications as RÆSON, Jyllands-Posten, Middle East Insights, Sharnoffs Global Views and Times of Israel. He has provided commentary on Radio 24/7, DR P1, DR 2 and Tv2 News.

SAHRA-JOSEPHINE HJORTH (born 1985) is a senior editor at RÆSON. She holds an IB degree from United World College USA, a BA in international relations from American University in Washington DC, and a Masters in culture, communication and globalization from University of Aalborg, Denmark. Sahra-Josephine works as a campaign manager for a Danish politician and teaches international relations. Sahra-Josephine’s articles have appeared in RÆSON, Politiken and Nordjyske.

MARC JACOBSON (born 1986) has a Master Degree in International Relations from the University of Westminster in London (2012-2013) and is now studying Political Communication & Management (MSocSc) at Copenhagen Business School (2011-2014). He studied for one term at Kansai University in Japan as part of his BA in Social Sciences from Roskilde University (2007-2011). His academic interests are international relations, strategic communications and politics, while his knowledge spans a wide geographical range from Japan to Latin America and the Arctic in particular.

LUKAS ANTAEUS LAURSEN (born 1990) is a student of political science at the University of Copenhagen. Having lived in Germany most of his life, he has worked for political parties and the media in both Denmarj and Germany. His primary fields of interest are German politics and the politics of the European Union.

BJØRN SPANDET JAKOBSEN (born 1986) holds a BA degree in EU studies and Global studies from Roskilde University and a Master Elective course degree in Journalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. He has studied political science and Latin American history for one semester at Universidad Austral de Buenos Aires. He is currently a MA student at International Security and Law studies at Southern Danish University. His stories have been broadcast at the DR2 programme “Dagen”.